Fayzabad and Khodja-Zainuddin Khanakas

Fayzabad khanaka was a big Sufi shrine. It was built in 1598-1599 to the northeast of medieval Bukhara. Khanaka has a big dome hall for collective meditations and hudjras for living. Its central hall is sur­rounded by an arch-dome gallery. Anoth­er Sufi khanaka is close to Kalyan Mosque. It was built in the first half of the 16th cen­tury and named after Khodja Zainuddin. Outside the khanaka there is a tomb of Khodja Zainuddin marked with a special pole. Polychromic mosaics and painting performed in qundal technique decorate the interior. Two sides of the khanaka are surrounded by aivan with columns. Pool in the yard has stone steps and carved stone outlet.