Gijduvani Memorial Complex

Khodja Abd al-Halik Gijduvani (died in 1180/1220) was born and died in Gijduvan village near Bukhara. He was a pupil of outstanding Sufi Khodja Usuf al-Hamadani and the founder of Central Asian Sufi school of "khadjaqan" that is "way of Khodjas (teachers)". Adherents of "khadja­gan" had to recognize freewill poverty, ascetics and celibacy and abstain from contacts with authorities. Sufi Amir Kulal, Baha ad-Din Naqshband and Khodja Akhrar were followers of this tradition. The modern complex was constructed at the beginning of the 21st century near a madrasah built by Ulugbeg beside the tomb of the great Sufi teacher.