Ruhabad Mausoleum

According to Arabian traveller Ibn Battuta, Central Asian sheikh Burkhan ad-Din Sagardji headed Muslims in Peking. Ibn Battuta I met him in India. When sheikh Sagardji died, his son Abu Sa'id transported the body to Samarkand and buried near mazar of  Samarkand sheikh Basir under his father's will. Abu Sa'id Sagardji I stayed in Samarkand and was regarded as one of the most esteemed clerics at Amir Temur's court. Amir Temur ordered to  build a mausoleum above the tomb of sheikh Burkhan ad-Din Sagardji. The mausoleum was named Ruhabad—"House of Spirit!

Sons of sheikh, Abu Sa'id and Shaikhzod Isom ad-Din as well as other members of Sagardji family were buried there later, in particular, "Chinese princess", sheikh Sagardji's wife of. A legend says! that under the dome there is a box with seven hairs of Prophet  Muhammed. The summer mosque near Ruhabad has traces of Eastern-Turkistan or Chinese traditions. The small minaret was erected in the complex at the end of the 19th - beginning of the! 20th centuries.