Amir Burun­duk Mausoleum

New mausoleums were built on the place of pre-Mongolian constructions in the 1380s-1390s. Some of them were saved. These are: two nameless mausoleums, Amir Burunduk Mausoleum, a mausoleum built by usto (master) Alim Nesefi. During construction workers used bricks and dec­orative elements from Qarakhanid Madrasah of the 11th century. Amir Burun­duk Mausoleum has only internal dome on a drum. The mausoleum made by Alim Nesefi is decorated with relief majolica. Expressive eight-pointed stars are a char­acteristic feature of its portal. The central star shows names of twelve Shiite imams. The lower one contains Koran text "Throne". The octahedral mausoleum with arrow-shaped arcs was constructed in the 1430-40S.