Dahma of Shaybanids

Chinggisid dynasty of the Shaybanids reigned in Samarkand in the 16th century. There is only one monument of that peri­od. It is Dahma of Shaybanids. This is a marble platform standing between Tillya- Kari Madrasah and Sher-Dor. Shaybani- khan, the founder of the dynasty, was bur­ied in this Dahma in 1510. The other Shay­banids were buried there later. The dahma was carried several times and occupied this place in the 20th century. It kept gravestones of Shaybanid sultans—Mah­mud (died in 1503/1504), Mahdiya and Khamsa (died in 1511), Kutlug Muhammad (died in 1545), Abdulhayr (died in 1517), Edgar (died in 1523) and Suyung Muham­mad (died in 1586).