Temurid Female Necropolis

Female necropolis added Shahi-Zinda in the time of Amir Temur. In 1372, Uldjai Shadi-Mulk (daughter of Temur's elder sis­ter Kutlug-Turkan-aga) died. Her mausole­um was built at the old wall. The mausole­um had a ribbed dome and portal with carved majolica. Kutlug-Turkan-aga died in 1383 and was buried in the same mau­soleum. Temur's younger sister, Shirin-bek- aga died in 1386. Her mausoleum became the most exquisite in Shahi-Zinda. Socra­tes' sayings on its portal are a unique fea­ture of the mausoleum. The decor was made with new technology—composite mosaics of sapphire-blue color.