Alai Bazaar - Oriental Bazaar in Tashkent

One of the oldest bazaars in Tashkent is the Alai Bazaar. Presumably, it arose in the 12th-13th centuries on Mount Olaya, but not as a bazaar, but merely a place of trade on the trade route from Eastern Turkestan through the Fergana Valley. Mostly there was trade in livestock, various kinds of meat and livestock were sold. In the XIX century, this so-called "shopping center" took shape in a full-fledged bazaar, which became one of the most visited among local residents, as it was on the border of the Old Town and the districts built in the Russian colonial period.Today the Alai bazaar can rightfully be considered one of the oldest in Tashkent. It was recently modernized. There are food rations where you can buy oriental sweets, fruits and other food products, as well as there is a clothing market, which also differs in variety. In addition, the modern Alai Bazaar is known for its two-story jewelry complex, where you can buy products from silver and gold. Bazaars in the East are not just markets, it is an integral part of Eastern culture.