Madrassah Kukeldash: the center of Muslim education

Madrassah Kukeldash is located near the Chorsu bazaar in the historical part of Tashkent. Built in 1570, it was part of the ensemble of the main city square. The initiator of the construction was the khokim Dervish Khan, the vizier of the Tashkent khan of the Sheibanid dynasty, nicknamed "Kukeldash", which translates as "a milk brother". Dervish Khan was the khan's milk brother. In the XVIII century. in the madrassas they arranged a caravan-shed for the traveling merchants, then the towering towers, the guldast, collapsed.

In the XIX century. The madrasah served as a fortress of the Kokand khans. Until 1865, the Kukeldash Madrassah also served as a place for public execution: from the upper parapet of the central portal to the stone-lined platform, they were dumped in bags of unfaithful wives in order to strengthen popular morality. Today, the restored madrassa is an active madrasah and performs its direct functions: students live and study here. Also, believers come here for the Friday prayer.