The former residence of Prince Romanov

One of the atypical monuments of Tashkent is the residence of Prince Romanov, built in 1891 by architect A.L. Benois and V.S. Heinzeltsman in the center of the city. This is a one-story mansion of Nikolai Romanov, the grandson of the Russian Emperor Nicholas I, exiled by his royal parents to Tashkent in 1877 and lived here until his death in 1918.

The building of the residence of Prince Romanov was built in the fashionable modern style at that time. The elegant house is richly decorated with carved bars, unusual shapes of windows, towers and other decorative elements. The prince was an ardent hunter, because the front entrances to the mansion were decorated with bronze figures of deer and hunting dogs. From the back of the building was an exit to a large garden, broken by the famous Tashkent botanist and pharmacist II Krause.