​​Amir Timur Square

In the center of the square there is a monument to the famous commander and statesman of the 14th century, Amir Timur, who created a single centralized state on a vast territory from the Mediterranean Sea to India, which included 27 states. The monument is presented in the form of a bronze figure of Amir Timur, sitting in royal regalia on a prancing horse. On the pedestal of the monument, in four languages ​​the famous motto of Amir Timur is engraved: "Strength in justice". The author of the monument is the sculptor Ilkhom Jabbarov.Formerly there was a small park around the monument, but after the reconstruction in 2009, the place around the monument was cleared and turned into a small square with fountains and greenery. Around the area of ​​Amir Timur are the hotel "Uzbekistan", the building of the law institute (the former building of the women's gymnasium), the Museum of Amir Timur, the famous Tashkent Chimes and one of the most grandiose architectural structures in Tashkent - the Forum Palace.The area of ​​Amir Timur is one of the favorite recreation places of Tashkent people, regardless of age. Not far from it there are a cinema and entertainment centers, which plays an important role in the constant popularity of this place. From here roads lead to all parts of the city, which makes the area the most actual meeting place. The history of modern Tashkent is inextricably linked with its center - the Square of Amir Timur.