Chorsu Bazaar

Tashkent Chorsu Bazaar, whose age is more than one hundred years, was also always located on the main square of Eski-Zhuva. Many eastern rulers, on horseback or on foot, passed through the centuries-old land of the bazaar. Old bazaar buildings collapsed and fell into decay, but the traditional architecture of it remained the same - covered with domes large rooms. Only in this way it was possible to protect yourself from heat and dust in hot and dry Asian climate.The tendency to build such bazaars with a complex of indoor facilities began already from the IX century and lasted until the XIIIth. In our century, the bazaar inherited the land and buildings of past centuries. The modern shopping complex is built taking into account the architectural features and traditions of town planning of past eras.Today, this is a unique complex of interconnected blue domes floating in the air, crowning commercial pavilions. In the central part of the bazaar, the main, ornamental, monumental dome structure with a diameter of about 300-350 meters rises - a winter three-tier building of the bazaar with an elevator system. The lower level is the basement corridors with numerous auxiliary rooms. The middle and top are the counters system. What does not exist in the eastern bazaar - juicy fruit, and amber dried fruits, ruddy cakes, and meat, and kazy (horse sausage) ... All this flaunts on the shelves, so much so that it's simply impossible to pass by.Near the bazaar there are teahouses: directly on the street shkvorchat cauldrons with an amber pilaf, rumyanitsya fragrant shish kebab, boils shurpa ... A refreshment can go to a number of standing crafts, where masters of decorative art sell handmade souvenirs.