Hast-Imam - the heart of Muslim Tashkent

The Khast Imam square (Khazrati Imam) is the religious center of Tashkent. Hast-Imam is in the old city, inside residential quarters with old adobe houses that survived the earthquake of 1966. This complex arose near the grave of one of the first imams of the city of Tashkent, a famous scholar, a connoisseur of the Koran and hadith, a poet, and artisan Khazrati Imam (his full name is Abu Bakr Muhammad Kaffal Shashi).

On the Khast Imam square there are the Barak-Khan Madrassah built in the 16th century, the Tilla-Sheikh Mosque, the mausoleum of St. Abu Bakr of Kaffal Shashi, and the Imam al-Bukhari Islamic Institute, where students are trained who in the future will become imams (preachers) . In madrasah Barak-Khan is the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan, headed by the Mufti. There is also a rich library of Oriental manuscripts. In the special room of the library is the world-famous Koran of the Caliph Osman - the Ottoman (Ottoman) Koran. This sacred book was written in the 7th century, and for its history of existence has committed a large number of wanderings through cities and countries.An ancient manuscript, consisting of 353 very large parchment sheets with the original text of the Koran, was kept for centuries in the treasury of the caliphs (successively in the cities of Medina, Damascus and Baghdad).And from Baghdad in the days of Tamerlane, the Ottoman Koran came to Uzbekistan, then (already in the nineteenth century) managed to visit St. Petersburg, in the hands of Russian scientists who proved its authenticity, and again moved through Ufa to Central Asia. The new building of the mosque Hazrati Imam was erected in 2007. The structure consists of the mosque itself, and two minarets, whose architecture is sustained in the style of the XVI century. So, the entrance area of ​​the mosque is decorated with magnificent work of wood carvers, representing various schools of Uzbekistan.