Independents Square of Tashkent

The Independence Square is located in the center of the city of Tashkent. This is a favorite recreation place for Tashkent residents. To a large extent, this was facilitated by the fact that the most beautiful fountains of the city are on the square. The Independence Square, like many other districts of Tashkent, has its own history. Until 1865, near this place was the palace of the Kokand khans. In 1865, the Kokand Khanate was liquidated, and alongside the ruined palace, on the orders of the Russian administration, the construction of the residence of the Turkestan governor-general was begun. In consequence, this residence with a vast garden began to be called the White House.Opposite administrative institutions, on the other side of the central colonnade, is the park zone. It houses the Alley of Glory and Memory in honor of the warriors who died in the Second World War. On both sides of the avenue there are galleries decorated with wooden carved columns. In these galleries are the Memory Books, where the names of Uzbek people who died for their Motherland in the Second World War are recorded. The alley is completed by the figure of the Sorrowful Mother, in front of which there is a circle with Eternal Fire. Among Tashkent residents, it has become a tradition to come to the monument of the Sorrowful Mother on May 9 and on other days to lay flowers.The park area is bordered by the city river channel Ankhor, whose coasts are almost all year covered with green grass. This is a favorite recreation place for Tashkent residents.