The foundation of the first Friday mosque in Tashkent (Juma mosque) was laid at the highest point of Shakhristan (center) of ancient Tashkent in 819. To this day, the mosque has been rebuilt many times, renamed and restored in different epochs in the area of ​​the Old City, surrounded by squares: Chorsu, Khadra and Eski Zhuva.This juma mosque is the oldest of 157 mosques in modern Tashkent and the third largest mosque in Uzbekistan after the Bibi-Khanum mosque in Samarkand and Poi-Kalyan in Bukhara. From the 15th century to the present, the mosque is named after one of the Sufi leaders of the Eastern Middle Ages, Khoja Ahrar Vali, who donated a building built on the foundation of the old Juma Mosque (Juma Mosque - Friday Mosque) in 1451 to the city.