The Tashkent Metro

Today Tashkent is the modern capital of Uzbekistan, in which there are almost no ancient architectural attractions, such as Samarkand, Khiva or Bukhara can boast. But here, in the most densely populated city not only of the republic, but of all Central Asia, there are its sights. One of them is the Tashkent Metro. His construction began when the city was rebuilt after a terrible earthquake in 1966. And the increasing population of the capital needed fast and convenient public transport.And already in 1977, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the USSR, the first metro line was opened, which connected the most densely populated district of Tashkent -Chilanzar, to the city center. The work continued, and after several years the length of the line increased after the opening of several stations, and also , the second line was put into operation, the construction of which was completed in 1991. And already in 2001 the third metro line was opened, which should soon connect another densely populated district of Tashkent - Yunus-Abad - to the center of the capital. Today in Tashkent there are 29 stations.
All stations have their own unique architectural appearance: marble, granite decoration, rows of columns, colorful bas-reliefs, ganch, etc. An important role in the design of the stations is played by lighting, which at one station creates the atmosphere of a festive ballroom, while on the other it makes you feel in mysterious catacombs. Each station is a separate landmark in Tashkent. Probably because the city's residents so often see the amazed faces of tourists and guests from other regions of Uzbekistan, keen on this underground world. However, it is worth remembering that the Tashkent Metro is a strategically important facility, and here a lot of attention is paid to security issues. So, before June 1, 2018, photo and video shooting in the metro was banned. Now anyone at the stations of the Tashkent subway can photograph. And finally, the subway air-conditioning system will always protect its guests from the summer heat and winter cold. So traveling through this dungeon will bring pleasure.