TV Tower-The tallest tower in Central Asia

The Tashkent television tower is the tallest building in Central Asia. Its total height is 375 meters. The construction of the television tower began in 1979 and was completed in 1981. The unique project of the tower was designed by the architects D.Ya. Semashko, N.G. Terziev-Tsarukov, engineers E.P. Morozov, MD Musheev. The TV tower is constructed with such account, that its design is capable to sustain an earthquake by force to 9 points on the Richter scale. The lattice frame of the tower ensures the stability of the building and simultaneously gives the impression of lightness.220 meter high is used for installation of satellite TV cellular, paging communication. From the Tashkent television tower, 5 television and 4 broadcasting programs are broadcast. The Tashkent television tower has the highest meteorological station.Faye Tower is decorated with a mosaic panel in the Florentine and Roman style, which was created by the master A. Bukharbaev. At an altitude of 105 meters there is a restaurant. Each room is designed for 60 seats. In two halls of the restaurant the floor of the platform with seats, rotates around the trunk of the tower. The restaurant prepares national and European dishes. The bars of the restaurant have a wide range of drinks.At an altitude of 100 meters - a circular observation deck for a city tour. The tower is equipped with 3 high-speed elevators from the Swiss company Schindler. The speed of lifting elevators is 4 meters per second.