Madrasah of Khurdjum and Allakuli-Khan

Madrasah of Khodjamberdy-biy at the eastern gates of Ichan-Qala dates back to 1688. It was reconstructed during the con­struction of Allakuli-khan Madrasah. The first one looks like a foundation for Allakuli- khan Madrasah because of significant dif­ference of floor levels. The ramp bisected Khodjamberdy-biy Madrasah. It gave the madrasah its new name—Madrasah of Khurdjum ("Saddlebag"). A segment of city wall was dismantled as the construc­tion site of Allakuli-khan Madrasah was too small. Southern wing of the madrasah came on shops of northern Palvan -Darvaza's line and the northern one adjoined Allakuli-khan Tim.