The Islamic Institute named after al-Bukhari is the first Muslim university in the CIS

The Imam al-Bukhari Islamic Institute was founded in 1971 by an outstanding Islamic religious figure, preacher and scholar, Sheikh Ziyauddinhan ibn Eshon Babakhan. Despite the difficulties, he managed to achieve the opening of the first in the USSR Institute, where Islam was studied.The building of the institute was built on the site of the Namazgokh mosque (end of XIX century), destroyed during the years of the revolution, like most religious monuments. After it was decided to open an Islamic institute here, the building was restored. And the current image of the Islamic Institute was in 1997, after another major reconstruction of the complex Hast-Imam, in whose territory it is located.Today, the Tashkent Islamic Institute annually trains up to 200 students: boys and girls, who then work not only in the religious institutions, but also in the secular. The educational program of the institute is coordinated with the Committee for Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education. Upon graduation, graduates receive diplomas of the state master. Many well-known theologians, muftis and ulema of the CIS, such as: Ravil Gaynutdin, Ahmad Kadyrov, Umar Idrisov, Allahshukur Pashazade and others were trained in this higher Muslim institution.