Skiing & Sightseeing program in Uzbekistan. Sketch itinerary winter 2018-2019




9 days / 8 nights


Tashkent-Samarkand- Tian-Shan Mountains


Tour highlights:

This trip combined skiing tours to Tian-Shan Mountains and Cultural tours to the pearl City of Central Asia Samarkand and Bukhara. Uzbekistan, a country with a history entwined with The Great Silk Road, is famous not only for its ancient and world renowned cities, but also for its wonderful mountains. Among the spurs of Western Tian-Shan, in the picturesque tracts of Ugam-Chatkal National Park, sit some of the best mountain ski resorts in Central Asia. Chimgan-Beldersay is the main skiing area in Uzbekistan, which is located in the mountains of Western Tien-Shan (90 km far from Tashkent). Chimgan in the best way approaches for family leisure with children, Beldersay is more appropriate for skilled skiers and snowboarders.

Days Cities Program Sights



Arrival to Tashkent and transfer to the Hotel. Dinner. Free time.

Overnight in Tashkent.


Tashkent - Samarkand

Early breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. Transfer to Tashkent railway station.08:00 - Departure to Samarkand by speed train “Afrasiab”. Arrival to Samarkand. “We take the Golden Route to Samarkand” – James Elroy Flecker. Samarkand is known as the Crossroads of Cultures, awarded by UNESCO

Sightseeing Tour in Samarkand

13:00 Lunch at the New Arbat restaurant

+ Optional tour: Samarkand Winery «Hovrenko Wine Factory»: (10 USD per pax) Wine tasting tours that take in a range of ten locally produced wines, balzams and cognacs are possible at the Hovrenko Wine Factory, in a converted 19th-century Jewish industrialist’s house. The small attached museum.

18:00 - Dinner at the local family guesthouse: Muborak opa

Overnight at the hotel Overnight in Samarkand.

Ulugbek Observatory Sher-Dor madrasah, Tilya-Kari Madrasah, Siab Bazaar, Shahi-Zinda, Madrasa and Mausoleum of Bibi-Khanym, Registan, Southern group, Ruhabad Mausoleum, Temurids Necropolis , Hazret-Hyzr Mosque, Mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar, Mausoleum of Kusam-Ibn-Abbas, Amir Burun­duk Mausoleum, Temurid Female Necropolis, Tuglu-Tekin and Amir-Zadeh Mausoleums, Dahma of Shaybanids, Khodja Akhrar Necropolis, Mausoleums of  Abdi Clan, Ishrat-Khana Mausoleum, The Memorial Complex of Imam Al-Bukhari,


Samarkand - Bukhara

Breakfast at the Hotel.

09:00- Continue City tour in Samarkand

14:00 - Drive to Bukhara

18:00-  Arrival to Bukhara and accommodation to the Hotel.

19:00  Dinner with dance show program at the Restaurant.

Overnight in Bukhara.

Ulugbek Observatory Afrasiab Museum of Samarkand, Shahi-Zinda, Registan, Siab Bazaar, Hazret-Hyzr Mosque, Sher-Dor madrasah, Temurids Necropolis , Ruhabad Mausoleum, Madrasa and Mausoleum of Bibi-Khanym, Tilya-Kari Madrasah, Mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar, Mausoleum of Kusam-Ibn-Abbas, Amir Burun­duk Mausoleum, Temurid Female Necropolis, Tuglu-Tekin and Amir-Zadeh Mausoleums, Southern group, Dahma of Shaybanids, Khodja Akhrar Necropolis, Ishrat-Khana Mausoleum,


Bukhara - Tashkent

Breakfast at the Hotel. Full day city tour in Bukhara. We will start the tour in Bukhara – home to a slew of signature mosques & madrasah & listed as the Historic Centre of Bukhara by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

11:30 Master Class: Embroidery Suzane (learn the history of Uzbek Suzane Art)

12:30 Lunch at a local family guest house Rahmon aka.

13:30 – Transfer to the domestic railway station. 14:20 - Departure to Tashkent by speed train “Afrasiab”. 18:00 - Arrival to Tashkent. Check-in at the hotel and rest. Free time. Overnight in Tashkent.


Kalyan Mosque Miri-Arab Madrasah, Kalyan  Minaret, Mausoleum of The Samanids, Lyabi-Hauz, Kukeldash Madrasah, Chor-Bakr, Kosh-Madrasah, Madrasah of  Abdul Aziz-Khan, Gijduvani Memorial Complex, Magoki-Attari Mosque, Bukhara, Poyi Kalon , The ARK Citadel, Chashma-Ayub, Namazga Mosque ,



After the breakfast depart to Chimgan Mountains (80 km, ~2 h.). Upon arrival accommodation in hotel.

This wall, surrounding Tashkent from the East is the Western Tian-Shan Mountains. Rising to more than 3000 meters, they have an eternal blanket of snow that descends to the foot of the mountain in winter. 85 km from the capital of Uzbekistan,among the spurs of the Chatkal ridge at a height of 1600 meters, the large tourist skiing complex "Chimgan" is located.

The main peak of the area - Big Chimgan ( 3309 m) looks like the point of a giant star from which, adorned by rugged peaks, rays of slopes scatter in all directions.

Skiing resort Chimgan has several routes and type of complexities, a ski-track for beginning skiers, extended up to 1500 m has a rope-tow lift, considered as "blue" tracks long, flat, and easy. The ski-track for slalom is extended up to 900 m and equipped with chair lift and classified as a "red" track of mid level difficulty.

Chimgan Information:

Peak "Big Chimgan": 3309 m

Rise of the chairlift: 800 m

Vertical rise: 385 m

Duration of chairlift ride: 10 min

Length of rope tow: 570 m

Vertical rise: 250 m

Duration of ride: about 10 min

Routes of the "Chimgan" complex

 Route for beginners, with a length of 1500 m and equipped with rope tows are considered

"blue" routes (long, slightly sloping and easy routes)

Slalom routes with a length of 900 m, equipped with chairlifts are classified as

"red" routes (medium level of difficulty)

Time for skiing. Dinner on at hotel.

Chimgan mountains

Day 6

Breakfast at the Hotel. Free time and time for leasure.
PM. Skiing in mountains. 14:00 - Transfer to lifts in Chimgan.

High quality lifts and mountain ski fast tracks have been built on resort territory. There are two lift lines: double-chair lift (length is 2.5 km, lifting time is ~ 24 min, altitude drop is 565 m, lifting cost is ~1 $) and hook lift”Shvabra”- for the beginners (length is ~1 km, lifting time is ~ 5 min, altitude drop is 200 m, lifting cost is ~0.5$, day skipass is ~ 12 $).

Hook lift looks like the continuation of double-chair lift and is situated only 100 m higher than upper station of the line. The small cafe with snakes, hot tea, coffee and beverages is at the lower station.

Dinner at the Hotel.

Day 7

Chimgan - Beldersay

Breakfast at hotel. After breakfast transfer to Beldersay hotel, it’s another skiing area in the same region. Arrival accommodation at hotel. (The Beldersay route is officially registered in FIS (Federation of International Skiing).

Transfer to the highest point of Beldersay with lunch boxes- 2880 m. (View from the top is really great take some food or drinks to enjoy there as there is nothing to eat up there.) Length of the ski-track - 3017 m. Overfall of heights - 765 m. Maximal bias - 52.1. Extension of the chair-lift - 2250 m. Overfall of heights - 565m. Extension of the rope-tow - 700m. Ski-tracks of Beldersay basically are intended for skilled mountain skiers, but there are also good conditions for beginners. The peculiarity of local climate creates extreme temperatures and plentiful snowfalls which promote a high-quality snow cover. Descents are carried out from mountain Kumbel, which slopes in area of skiing have smoothed relief (steepness up to 30 degrees) without deep gorges and canyons. Going up to the top of Kumbel mountain is carried out by chair lift road (length 2250 m) and further proceeds on rope-tow lift (length 700m). Ski-tracks for mass riding are laid out along the rope-tow and chair lifts. Free descents begin from the west side of Kumbel Mountain directly from a crest of a ridge and come to an end in a vein of stream of Beldersay. After skiing return to the hotel. Free time.

Beldarsay cable car

Day 8

Beldersay - Tashkent

Breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to Tashkent 100 km. Arrive and accommodation at hotel.

Free time.

Return to Tashkent.

Farewell dinner at local restaurant.

Overnight in Tashkent.

Beldarsay cable car

Day 9



Sightseeing Tashkent


Amir Temur Square Independents Square of Tashkent, The Tashkent Metro, Kaffal Shashi - the patron saint of Tashkent, Hast-Imam - the heart of Muslim Tashkent, Juma-mosque, Alai Bazaar - Oriental Bazaar in Tashkent, Sheikhantaur memorial complex, Mosque Minor-White mosque of the capital, Madrassah Kukeldash: the center of Muslim education, TV Tower-The tallest tower in Central Asia, Friday Tile Shaykh Mosque,