Fruit picking tour to Uzbekistan




7 days / 6 nights




Tour highlights:

This unique tour will introduce you pearl of Uzbekistan with master classes on ceramic work, on paper making, national meal-PLOV cooking and fruit picking.

Fruit picking is a popular activity in Uzbekistan, both among the locals and tourists alike. Many farms across the country offer fruit picking opportunities to visitors. Uzbek fruits have sweet taste and beautiful colors. In some Central Asian countries and Russia, fruits from Uzbekistan are famous and sold at a high price. You can get such fruits easily from greengrocers or supermarkets throughout the year, but it tastes especially delicious if you pick by yourself in a natural setting. We take responsibility for HALAL FOOD during the tour!!!

During April-May, apricots, cherries, strawberries are in season. Why don’t you try fruit-picking in the countryside in Uzbekistan and enjoy oriental taste of sweet fruits?

Days Cities Program Sights


Arrival in Tashkent. Meeting at the airport.  Accommodation at Hotel. Dinner at the Hotel.

Overnight in Tashkent.



Breakfast at the Hotel. Sightseeing Tashkent

11:00 - transfer to the farm in Tashkent region for picking cherries. You can enjoy with picking delicious yellow and red cherries and test them after washing. Back drive to Tashkent and dinner at national restaurant. 

Overnight in Tashkent.



Independents Square of Tashkent Madrassah Kukeldash: the center of Muslim education, Kaffal Shashi - the patron saint of Tashkent, Hast-Imam - the heart of Muslim Tashkent, Juma-mosque, Alai Bazaar - Oriental Bazaar in Tashkent, Sheikhantaur memorial complex, Mosque Minor-White mosque of the capital, The German Kirche is the only Lutheran temple in Tashkent, The Islamic Institute named after al-Bukhari is the first Muslim university in the CIS, ​​Amir Timur Square, Orthodox Chapel at the Kamolon Gate, TV Tower-The tallest tower in Central Asia,



Early breakfast at the hotel. Check-out.

07:00 - Departure to Samarkand by speed train “Afrasiab”. Arrival to Samarkand. Accommodation at the Hotel. Sightseeing Tour in Samarkand.Lunch at local guesthouse.

Master Class – Visit Samarkand Paper Mill “Konigil”. Here, as many centuries ago, one can see with his own eyes the process of producing the famous Samarkand paper in accordance with the old recreated technology. ( Samarkand used to produce best mulberry paper in Silk Road countries—the better then China —that is considered the birthplace of papermaking.)

18:00 – Show program “El-Merosi” with national costume and tradition.

Dinner at Restaurant “Platan” Overnight in Samarkand

Gur-E-Mir Mausoleum Registan, Ulugbek Observatory, Shahi-Zinda, The Memorial Complex of Imam Al-Bukhari, Mausoleums of  Abdi Clan, Temurid Female Necropolis, Tilya-Kari Madrasah, Amir Temur Square, Sher-Dor madrasah, Temurids Necropolis , Ruhabad Mausoleum, Madrasa and Mausoleum of Bibi-Khanym, Hazret-Hyzr Mosque, Mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar, Mausoleum of Kusam-Ibn-Abbas, Amir Burun­duk Mausoleum, Tuglu-Tekin and Amir-Zadeh Mausoleums, Southern group, Dahma of Shaybanids, Khodja Akhrar Necropolis, El Merosi,



Breakfast at the Hotel. 09:00 – Continue of city tour in Samarkand

Overnight in Samarkand.


Shahi-Zinda Madrasa and Mausoleum of Bibi-Khanym, The Memorial Complex of Imam Al-Bukhari, Siab Bazaar,



Breakfast at the Hotel.

09:00 - Transfer to Bukhara by road via Shakhrisabz (360 km, 5-6 hours driving). During the stop in Shakhrisabz, you explore the remnants of the great White Palace built by Tamerlane, as well as Kok Gumbaz and Doru Saodat, where relatives and close friends of the Emperor were buried. After lunch, you head to Bukhara. 18:00 - Dinner with dance show program in Nadir Divan-Beghi Madrassah.

Overnight in Bukhara.



Кнanaka  and Madrasah of  Nadir Divan-Beghi



Breakfast at the Hotel.

City tour in Bukhara

15:30 - Departure to Tashkent by speed train. 19:30 -Arrival to Tashkent. Check-in at the hotel and have a dinner.

Overnight in Tashkent.

Lyabi-Hauz Кнanaka  and Madrasah of  Nadir Divan-Beghi, Kukeldash Madrasah, Miri-Arab Madrasah, Kalyan  Minaret, Ваha Ad-Din Naqshband Necropolis, The ARK Citadel, Mausoleum of The Samanids, Chashma-Ayub, Bukhara, Gijduvani Memorial Complex, Poyi Kalon ,



After breakfast tour

OPTION 1: strawberry farm for enjoy picking local sweet strawberries.

You may take out strawberries picked by yourself.

OPTION 2: apricot farm for enjoy picking local apricots.

After lunch shopping.

Transfer to the International Airport in Tashkent.


Chorsu Bazaar Alai Bazaar - Oriental Bazaar in Tashkent,

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